Governance of the Innovation Hubs for Gene Therapies is provided by a Coordinating Committee and Project Board.

Coordinating Committee

The Coordinating Committee is responsible for ensuring that the key aims of the initiative are delivered by all three Hubs, agreeing the strategic direction of the initiative, and engaging with the wider vector manufacturing and gene therapy communities.

  • Dr Sven Kili (Chair)
  • Professor Uta Griesenbach (Professor of Molecular Medicine, Imperial College London)
  • Professor Robin Ali (Director, London Hub)
  • Professor Simon Howell (Director of Academic Estates Strategy for Health Campuses, London Hub)
  • Professor Mimoun Azzouz (Director, Sheffield Hub)
  • Professor Janine Kirby (Deputy Director, Sheffield Hub)
  • Dr Jon Smythe (Director, Bristol Hub)
  • Dr Paul Lloyd-Evans (Co-Director, Bristol Hub)
  • Dr Catriona Crombie (Associate Director of Technology Transfer, LifeArc)
  • Dr Louise Jones (Head of Translation, MRC)

Project Board

The Project Board is responsible for reviewing the progress of the Innovation Hubs on behalf of the three funders.

  • Dr Catriona Crombie (Associate Director of Technology Transfer, LifeArc)
  • Dr Louise Jones (Head of Translation, MRC)
  • Dr Anji Miller (Senior Business Manager, LifeArc)
  • Dr Penny Morton (Programme Manager, MRC)
  • Dr Sophie Mountcastle (Network Manager, on behalf of MRC and LifeArc)
  • Dr Sarah Neely (Senior Portfolio Manager, BBSRC)

Working Groups

The Coordinating Committee and Project Board are supported by four working groups that focus on the delivery of key aspects of the network. 

Project Management Group

The role of the Project Management Group is to share project management good practice for the network, project goals, milestones, and achievements.

Contact: Paula Kirby (paula.kirby(at)

Process Development Group

The role of the Process Development Group is to share best practice in process developments and to discuss novel technologies that may benefit the network. The group is also responsible for recommending shared technologies across the network including materials such as vectors, cell-lines, and plasmid.

Contact: Sophie Mountcastle (

Skills and Training Group

Skills and training are central to the goals of the network. The Innovation Hubs have a remit to increase level and numbers of those skilled in developing and producing gene therapies. The Skills and Training Group will develop opportunities and courses to support this aim.

Contact: Anji Miller (angela.miller(at)

Communications Group

The Communications Group will provide opportunities for all stakeholders within the network to share information and knowledge to both internal and external audiences. From this information, the group members will assist in the development and provision of centrally created communications resources. The group will also work closely with the Coordinating Committee to understand broader industry issues that could potentially impact the Hub network, with a view to developing and communicating a position on matters relevant to gene therapy research and innovation. 

Contact: Sophie Mountcastle (sophie.mountcastle(at)