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The King’s College London/Royal Free/UCL Gene Therapy Hub

The King’s College London/Royal Free/UCL Hub, led by Professor Robin Ali, will provide a comprehensive capability for clinical grade viral vector manufacturing. This will include both AAV and lentivirus production for early-phase trials, alongside substantial programmes in process innovation, knowledge transfer, and training to address critical skills shortages. In partnership with the network of Innovation Hubs, our vision is to ensure that the UK capitalises on its outstanding academic medical research to deliver novel gene therapies to patients, providing transformative treatments for currently intractable conditions, and generating a vibrant economic landscape. 

Professor Robin Ali

Professor Robin Ali


  • Director: Professor Robin Ali
  • Operational Director: Kate Barlow 
  • Head of Process Development: Dr Hemant Dhamne
  • Training Director: Dr Francesca Gliubich
  • Project Manager: Dr Joanna Przysowa

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