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NHS Blood and Transplant Gene Therapy Hub

Cell Therapy Facility at the Filton Blood Centre (Bristol)The NHSBT Gene Therapy Hub is part of the Clinical Biotechnology Centre (CBC). The CBC has been manufacturing GMP-grade DNA plasmids for nearly 20 years, and bring their wealth of expertise and experience transferring manufacturing processes to GMP compliance to the Innovation Hubs network. The NHSBT Gene Therapy Hub will be hosted within a new, state of the art, 1,000m2 facility for the production of gene therapies under GMP, funded jointly by NHSBT and the Department of Health and Social Care and under construction at the NHSBT Filton Blood Centre (Bristol).

Due to be fully operational at the start of 2023, the new Hub will support early phase academic-led gene therapy trials and facilitate the provision of cost-effective viral vectors and plasmid DNA to stimulate the UK’s gene therapy sector.

The Hub, led by Dr Jon Smythe and Dr Paul Lloyd-Evans, will provide viral vector manufacturing, training and support services for academic-led groups seeking Adeno Associated Viral (AAV), Lentiviral (LV) vectors and plasmid DNA at GMP and research-grade qualities. It will also support academic-led teams in the translation of their research to the clinic and work with the other Hubs to develop, optimise and deliver a comprehensive training package to generate a highly skilled workforce, serving both the academic and commercial gene therapy communities. 


  • Director: Dr Jon Smythe
  • Co-Director: Dr Paul Lloyd-Evans
  • Viral Vector Hub Manager: Dr Sujith Sebastian
  • Project Manager: Charlotte McHugh
  • Business Development Manager, Clinical Biotechnology Centre: Hollie Yaxley
  • Head of Business Development, Cellular & Molecular Therapies: Teresina Pinnington

Bristol NHSBT Hub Timeline

August 2021
November 2022
March 2023
April 2023
July 2023
September 2023
July 2026

Project launch

Tech transfer of AAV platform complete

Scale-up to 50L complete

First validation studies commence

First GMP vector manufactured

New training courses available

Transition to self-sustaining Hub

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